Flavio Bombacigno


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Universitat de València - CSIC

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My research activity is mainly focused on modified theories of gravity, with special emphasis on phenomenological signatures denoting departure from General Relativity, both in classical and in quantum regimes. I am particularly involved in the study of gravitational waves, with the aim of characterizing the polarization spectrum stemming from such extended scenarios, as well as the propagation and the interaction of the gravitational signal with astrophysical media. I am also interested in Loop Quantum Gravity theory and its generalization to metric-affine spacetimes, where I investigate the role played by the Immirzi field in cosmology and compact object physics.


Actividad investigadora:


I graduated from the University of Roma Tre (Rome, Italy) with a BSc degree in Physics, concerning variational methods in Quantum Mechanics (2008-2011), and I completed my MSc in Theoretical Physics from University of Rome La Sapienza (Rome, Italy), during the period 2012-2015, with a thesis entitled The Immirzi field as time variable in Loop Quantum Gravity. I carried out my Phd studies in the University of Rome La Sapienza (2015-2019), analyzing the impact of the Immirzi field in gravitational wave propagation and cosmology. From 2020 I am a Post-doc researcher at the University of Valencia – IFIC.


Teaching Activity:

I have supervised three master theses

  • The Immirzi field in modified relativity (Giacomo Pollari), University of Rome La Sapienza (Feb. 2018), in collaboration with Prof. Giovanni Montani
  • Polymer quantum cosmology of the FRW model (Claudia Mantero), University of Rome La Sapienza (Apr. 2018), in collaboration with Prof. Giovanni Montani
  • Implementation of Ashtekar variables in the Palatini f(R) theory of gravity (Simon Boudet), University of Rome La Sapienza (Nov. 2019), in collaboration with Prof. Giovanni Montani

and a final degree project is currently ongoing

  • Structure and stability of thin shell wormholes (Gonzalo Ruiz Espinar), in collaboration with Prof. Gonzalo J. Olmo


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