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Welcome to the website of the 7th edition of the Winter Workshop on Theoretical Physics. This event will take place at the Lise Meitner auditorium of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia (Spain) on December 11-13, 2023

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Access Code: 19051915

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Fundamental questions about the foundations of gravitation, the role of quantized fields in curved space-times, cosmological and astrophysical signatures of gravity within and beyond General Relativity, and recent developments on other topics, will be reviewed in a series of invited/contributed talks, and open discussions. 

This year the workshop will delve around three complementary topics:  

  • Quantum aspects in gravity. 
  • Black holes, compact objects, and gravitational waves. 
  • General Relativity and beyond. 

Each of the 3 sessions of the meeting will feature an invited talk and will be followed by contributions on related topics. 

Invited speakers include:

Jorma Louko (University of Nottingham, UK)

Mariafelicia De Laurentis (INFN - Universitá di Napoli, Italy)

Jose Beltrán-Jiménez (University of Salamanca, Spain)

Silvia Pla Garcia (King's College London, UK)

Adrià Delhom i Latorre (Louisiana State University, USA)

This series of meetings started in Valencia in 2017 as a hybrid event hoping to bring together close collaborators and friends of friends in an informal atmosphere in order to have some time for discussions on current research topics and stimulate new collaborations. As of the last edition in Madrid, and with the COVID-19 under control, the workshop was open to the public in general but keeping its original format and goals, leading to a successful event with over 100 participants. 

In this 7th edition, we would like to maintain the format of the Madrid edition without forgetting that the purpose of the workshop is to encourage everyone, from seniors to less-experienced students and postdocs, to present some results obtained during the last year that they find particularly relevant/interesting/easy to discuss in a relaxed way, including current work in progress, and addressing a few simple questions:
1. What is it about?
2. Why is it important? (An explanation of what is unique and/or timely about this topic and the difference it might make with respect to previous work).
3. Future perspectives.
The contributions are encouraged to be conceptual presentations, with minimal calculations if possible. The subsequent discussion and questions could extend as much as needed, depending on the audience participation. For students we expect talks of about 15-20’, while for postdocs/seniors up to 25-30’, though specific details will be settled once we have a clear picture of the number of participants. The idea is to have talks not too focused on technicalities (if the topic allows) but to have more discussions which could lead to new works/collaborations in 2024 and beyond. 

As usual, physical as well as online presentations will be possible (yes, we'd love to see you here but we also care about CO2 emissions). 

Registration closed on November 15th.

The workshop programme can be found here. 


Last name First name Affiliation
Abreu de Paula Marco Aurélio Federal University of Pará
Almeida Carlos Alberto Universidade Federal do Ceará/Tufts University
Araújo Filho Adailton Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Barbero G. J. Fernando Insituto de Estructura de la Materia-CSIC
Barca Gabriele Sapienza University of Rome
Bariego Quintana Adriana IFIC(CSIC-UV)
Bombacigno Flavio Universidad de Valencia - IFIC
Casado-Turrión Adrián Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Chisvert Ramirez Pablo Maria University of Valencia
Cordero-Carrión Isabel University of Valencia (Spain)
Das Jyotismita Tezpur University, India
del Rio Adrian University of Valencia
Del valle Calzada Pelayo Universidad de Alicante
Delhom i Latorre Adrià Louisiana State University
Donini Andrea Instituto de Física Corpuscular (CSIC/UV)
Elizaga Navascués Beatriz Louisiana State University (LSU)
Fernandez Jambrina Leonardo Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Garcia Martinez Irene UV
Giovannetti Eleonora CPT Marseille
Gonçalves Tiago IA-ULisboa
Guilabert Martínez Alberto Universidad de Alicante
Huertas Jesús IFT Madrid
Iosifidis Damianos Tartu University, Estonia
Iturbe Alvaro University of Granada
Jimenez Miguel IFIC (CSIC)
Jiménez Cano Alejandro Institute of Physics, University of Tartu
Karanasou Vasiliki University of Tartu
Lazarte Melgar Claudio Cesar University of Valencia
Lessa Leandro Universidade Federal do Ceará
Lima dos Santos Alana Carolina Universidade Federal do Ceará
Liška Marek Charles university, Prague
Magalhães Renan Federal University of Pará
Maniccia Giulia Sapienza University of Rome, INFN Roma1
Marañón González Javier UV
Mínguez Sánchez Andrés Instituto de Estructura de la Materia - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Moreira Zeus UFPA
Moretti Fabio University of Valencia
Murcia Gil Ángel Jesús INFN, Sezione di Padova
Nadal Gisbert Sergi Universitat de València-IFIC
Navarro-Salas Jose University of Valencia-IFIC
Núñez Anaya Arturo S UV
Orazi Emanuele UFRN
Paul Aritrya IIT(ISM)Dhanbad, INDIA
Peñalver Daniel Universitat de València
Petrov Albert UFPB (Universidade Federal da Paraiba)
Pinto Miguel University of Lisbon
Pla Garcia Silvia King's College London
Reis Joana LIP and FC-UL
Rincón Ángel Universidad de Alicante
Rodrigues Caio César Federal University of Ceará
Rosa João Luís University of Gdansk
Rubiera-Garcia Diego Complutense University of Madrid
Ruiz Milton University of Valencia
Ruiz García Santiago Universitat de València
Rustam Azmat University of Valencia Spain
Sanchis-Gual Nicolas University of Valencia
Schiavone Tiziano Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, Lisbon
Segreto Sebastiano University of Rome \"La Sapienza\"
Torrenti Francisco IFIC, Valencia U.
Torres Caballeros Alvaro Instituto de la Estructura de la Materia, CSIC
Vicente-Becerril Antonio IEM-CSIC
Vidal Guzmán Sofía University of Tartu
Wang Deng IFIC
Wojnar Aneta Complutense University of Madrid
Xavier Sérgio Universidade Federal do Pará
Zamani Saboura sadat University of Szczecin


Flavio Bombacigno
Adrián Del Río Vega
María A. Lledó
Gonzalo J. Olmo 

This meeting is organized by the Quantum Black Holes, Supergravity and Cosmology group at the Department of Theoretical Physics & IFIC of the University of Valencia & CSIC, Spain. 

All participants of this event must adhere to the established code of conduct

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